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Luxe Pastel Pink & Purple Balloon Arch Kit

Luxe Pastel Pink & Purple Balloon Arch Kit

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Use as a showstopping centerpiece or frame your door to create an exciting entrance! This pretty pastel balloon arch is a great way to complete your pink and purple party theme.

Our gorgeous luxe balloon garlands are the best way to impress your guests!

Each pack contains 200 party balloons:
15 x 5", 44 x 10", 20 x12"and 1 x 32" Light Pink Balloons
29 x 10", 15 x 12"and 1 x32" Lilac Balloons
25 x 10" and 15 x 12" Double Layer Purple Balloons
20 x 10", 14 x 12" and 1 x 32" Pale Pink Balloons
12m Balloon tape and glue dots for easy assembly